Controlling Muscle Cramps Affecting Lower Limb Amputees

Complaints of muscle cramping in and around the residual limb of lower limb amputees are something I am asked about often in my clinical practice. A muscle cramp is an uncontrolled, involuntary and excruciatingly painful tetanic muscle contraction. A really decent one will leave you with significant muscle belly soreness for the next day or […]

Train Your Brain To Help You Walk Better With Your Lower Limb Prosthesis.

Redesign My Brain This very interesting series on ABC TV by Todd Sampson illustrates how we can change the functioning of our brains by simple brain training exercises. Brain science is a rapidly developing new field with many implications for rehabilitation. I find myself talking about it and using it more in my daily practice […]

Gait Training For Lower Limb Amputees- Teaching your Brain to Power Your Legs.

For quite some time it was thought that our brains and nervous system were “hardwired”. That the neural pathways and connections between neurons were predetermined to a certain function and could not be changed, especially in adulthood. However there is growing evidence to support the notion of neuroplasticity. The ability of our nervous system to […]

Gait Training for Lower Limb Amputees- Teaching Your Brain to Power your Legs.

A lower limb amputee on her first day of wearing a prosthesis said to me, “This is nothing like walking used to be- there should be another name for it.” I think essentially she was right. The way an amputee walks with a prosthesis bears little resemblance to walking on the unaffected side of your […]

Spring Cleaning Your Goals For Lower Limb Amputees.

Ok, spring has officially sprung and it is time to crawl out from under the doona on the couch and do some spring cleaning. No, put down that dusting cloth, I’m referring to your usual exercise regimen! Spring being a time of renewal and growth means a good opportunity to reassess old goals and “rejig” […]