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Leg Prosthesis – Tips for Below Knee Amputees

As a below knee amputee, you will not often have difficulty in going up and down stairs once you have been taught by your physiotherapist.  You will notice however, that when walking down slopes your knee may feel unstable, like it is going to collapse forward.  This is more noticeable on steep slopes and when […]

Amputee Exercise – Prosthetics in Sport – Part 4

We have talked a lot in this series about Oscar Pistorius, as he has really brought the public’s attention to amputee athletes. Now, moving on to higher levels of amputation, the knee disarticulation amputee has a number of distinct advantages over the trans-femoral amputee and yet they are both classified in the T42 category and […]

Amputee Exercise – Prosthetics in Sport – Part 3

So we ended last with asking, “Is having NO legs an advantage when sprinting?” On the face of it, such a question sounds ludicrous, how could it be an advantage for sprinting when your feet are not your own? So back to Oscar Pistorius … with Oscar’s performances improving prior to the meet in South […]

Amputee Exercise – Prosthetics in Sport Part 2

As the “Games” come closer and closer we are beginning to see more and more in the news about the potential of athletes.  Headlines such as “Will Oscar Pistorius compete at the Olympics?”  http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/athletics/17416063 or “Will Jerome Singleton beat Oscar at the Paralympics?” http://www.universalsports.com/news-blogs/article/newsid=581354.html .   As we pointed out in Part 1 there is the […]

Amputee Exercise – Everyday & Elite Athletes Part 1

You may not think of yourself as an athlete, but getting yourself back into the “everyday” does take training.   And like every athlete, you have to start from where you are at and then head towards where you want to be! (Yep – that would be your goal – the one that you thought about […]